Dealing With Summer Tree Diseases – A Tree Removal Service in Branford CT can Help

Summer is a time for outdoor fun and warmer temperatures – but the not-so-good side of summer is seen when tree problems manifest themselves. Here, we will talk a bit about some common summer tree diseases that you may have seen, but do not know much about.

Slime Flux

Slime flux, sometimes called bacterial wetwood, is severe rot in a tree’s branches and trunk. This disease is thought to be caused by a bacterial infection of the tree’s outer heartwood and inner sapwood, and can be brought on by physical or environmental stressors. In yellow poplar, cherry, oak, maple and willow trees, a variety of bacteria can cause slime flux. Trees afflicted with this disease are waterlogged, and can be seen to ‘weep’ from open wounds. The only real option in cases of slime flux is tree removal in Guilford CT, as there is nothing that can be done to stop further rotting.

Tree Removal


Mildew is a common summer tree problem, and it usually appears as white powder on leaf surfaces. The appearance of the mildew is from millions of fungal spores, which spread by air and cause disease in other nearby trees. Mildew can affect many different species, and it is a product of moist conditions. If humidity can be controlled, so can the mildew. Don’t plant new trees in shaded areas, and allow plenty of room for air circulation and growth. Hire a professional to trim the tree as necessary.

Sooty Mold

The name of this disease is quite apt; the mold closely resembles chimney soot. Though it looks bad, it rarely causes damage to the tree. Sooty mold can grow on any tree, but is commonly seen on maples, elms and box elders. It’s associated with arid conditions and high temperatures, and it can be prevented with thorough watering and insect control.


“Canker” is a term used to describe a dead area on a tree’s branches, trunk or bark. The fungus that causes canker usually gets in through a wound, and it can spread rapidly. To prevent tree canker, choose species that can easily fight off invasion by fungal pathogens. Plant in an appropriate area, fertilize new trees well, and practice good weed control habits after trees are planted. During the dry summer months, water your trees, and hire a pro to cut off affected limbs and branches. Large cankers on the main trunk of a tree may necessitate tree removal in Branford, CT.

Most people don’t think much about summer tree diseases – that is, until a tree in their yard is affected. By learning about some of the most common tree problems, and by learning how they can be treated and prevented, you can keep your trees growing for many years to come.


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DIY Home Repairs

When it comes to remodeling your home there are several things say you can do yourself and set of paying a professional contractor to do. Some of these contractors with Jack up the price of the overall repairs just to get their money out of you. Saving money and do it yourself home repairs can save you a great deal of money so you will be able to spend it on a vacation for the family. When you are doing home, repairs here are some things to keep in mind to make sure they you get the job done right without spending all of your life savings to do so.


Remodeling your home is something that everybody does from time to time in his or her easy ways to make sure that you save the amount of money that you need so that you do not have to hire a professional contractor to do the work. The first thing they you need to do in order to save money when you are remodeling your home or repairing it is to choose the right building supplies that you need. Take your time and does some research to see exactly what you need before you go out to purchase the materials to repair home. You might need a few extra tools but it is worth spending the money on so that you do not have to hire a professional contractor to pay more money out of your pocket.

Simple home repairs can be done with just a turn of the wrench. One you think of all the different home repairs that you could do yourself you have to think of simple plumbing problems that naturally go wrong in the home. A leaking faucet in the bathroom can be fixed just by replacing the faucet itself. You can purchase one of these at any home department store for around $20.00. If you hire a contractor to do this job you could end up spending more than $300.00 to get the job done.

Alternative energy at home

Many people do not realize how much money they are spending on just the utility bills alone. Some of these utility bills can get quite expensive depending on how many appliances and other electrical devices you have plugged in that are not needed. Sometimes, you do not realize that even an electrical appliance that is not suppose to be using powered when they are off still use a certain amount of power. If you are trying to stop spending so much on your utility bills, you do have options to choose from. Creating your own source of alternative energy from home is one of the best things that you can do. Not only for lowering the cost of your utility bills, but you also is helping had the environment by producing energy not made from fossil fuels. Here are some benefits that you might one think about if you are trying to create an alternative energy source on your own property.

Alternative Energy Design For Homes

The one thing that is beneficial from creating your own power on your own land is that it can be done inexpensive. Many of the materials that you need to make a windmill or a solar panel can be found at your local junkyard and hardware store. When you factor in the total cost that it would take you to build a windmill that produces energy would only take about $250 from start to finish. There are blueprints that you can find online for both a windmill design and a solar panel that will not cost you anything to download. This is an inexpensive way to produce electricity for your home and not have to worry about that annoying utility bill.

Another great thing about producing your own electricity at home is that if you are able to create a surplus or extra energy that you are not going to be able to use you can always turn around and sell it to your local power company. Be careful with this though, some power companies do not offer the plan that will reimburse you to sell your electricity to them. They will be more than happy to take it off your hands free but they will not pay you for the electricity that you are producing. Just be careful of this because you still have the right to make enough money if nothing else let the extra energy just dissipate into thin air. If you are not going to get the money for it there’s no sense of getting it back to the electric company.

Top Bathroom Trends For 2014

Today’s bathroom is no more a place of just utilitarian use. It has become another room in the house where you can relax and be comfortable. To achieve this objective you need to keep yourself updated with the trending designs. Some of the trending features are audio systems, use of colors that shall lighten your mood and even small refrigerators.



There are cabinets that come with options of cold storage or with portions including refrigeration. It is perfect for storing nail paints, skin products that require cold storage or even medicines. Cabinets come in a lot of styles and designs. You can use the one that suits your temperament and needs.



The latest versions of shower are fully loaded and high-tech. They feature showers that have an in-built system for controlling. This feature enables you to control the characteristics of the water like its temperature and pressure. You can also use lights to enhance the mood or use a good stereo system for music. Controlling all of this is very simple.


Sound System

Stereo systems that are in-built help you enjoy music even while bathing. They can be very easily controlled through a remote kept in a cabinet. The walls of the tub broadcast the music, once you have connected the amplifier with the sound system. There are no speakers that can be seen. The tub can also be installed with heaters that provide you with an experience of a spa.


Reducing Toilet And Faucet Water Use

Two flushing options are available almost everywhere. The dual flush toilets have option to flush either .8gallons or 1.6 gallons. They are available in many different models.


Hands-Free Faucet

The new type of faucets help homeowners to cut down on the wastage of water. They have activation sensors and low aerators that keep a minimum level of water wastage.


Seamless Look

To get a look similar to that of a spa, go with a look that is simple, minimalist and clean. This is the trend of this year. There are cabinets that revolve 180 degree. They provide access to easy storage when open and a clean look when closed.


Natural Décor

This year it is all about going Eco-friendly. The most popular among this is using earth tones. The other option available is bamboo tiles which looks very unique. Tiles can offer a very decorative backdrop with a very simple bathroom suite. Nature-inspired designs can serve as artwork for bathroom.

Lighting Tips For Living Rooms And Dining Rooms

You can always use the living room and dining rooms to experiment. There are different lighting options that you could use. Unlike the bedroom the living room and dining room are not used for a long duration. This enables you to have a flexible design. You can also go with option of installing several lighting options so that you can use lights according to your mood.


  • Candlelight

The dining room is a space that needs to fit in for everyday meals with family as well as friends. This requires the dining area to be very versatile. You can make the room look simple or even with a Victorian inspired space by using simple candles. A bunch of candles in the center of the table not only adds a dramatic focal point but also provides with significant light. You could use stands to adjust the height of candles. You also need to be very careful as to where you place them cause it may cause accidents. Candles can add a refreshing smell and also light around the place.



  • Wall Sconces

These are very subtle light and do not hinder the space visually. They are available in a variety of designs from old metal type fixtures to modern sleek glass design. Always choose designs that compliment the space. You can use sconces on painting sides or above fireplaces to create a focal point. You can also use them all throughout the wall to highlight the color of the wall. Choose the wattage of the bulb according to the purpose it will serve. Usually an electrician is required for the installation of wall sconces.



  • Hanging Fixtures

The living room and dining room give you an opportunity to blend drama and bold bold lighting using individualized design in the room. To add intensity to your room you can use lights that hang from the ceiling. The options range widely from elaborate chandeliers to simple lights and a lot more in between their range. The size of the space is an important factor to decide what kind of light shall be best suited. A room which is small shall look good with small pendant lights while a bigger space would demand more elaborate lights so that it does not look lost and also provides with sufficient light. Hanging fixtures with dimmer switch help you control the mood of the room. You can make the light intensity high when working and lower the same while entertaining and dining.

How To Style A Room In Budget

The task of decorating your room has always been an important matter of consideration. Whether you want a room that will define or style, all of it demands a lot of planning and effort. There is a lot that goes into making the room just right. However, you should also keep in mind that decorating your room can cost you a good deal of money. Whether you decide to do a modern room, a chic style or any other for that matter, they all come with big price tags. But, to suit your budget a little planning can help you achieve the same.


  • Start with initial planning of simplifying things. The lesser the clutter the better will your room look. So, remember for the most appealing look you need to stick to simplicity.


  • For creating a stress free atmosphere, choose neutral and shades of black. From carpets, to paints, to carpeting everything should be in neutral colors. Yet a bit of rich color to accentuate the room in a single object can do wonders for you. This way you neither have to go overboard with your budget nor do you overdo things.


  • Try maintaining clean lines in the room. Choose your furniture, pictures and even shelving in a way such that there are straight edges. If possible try avoiding things that are bulky, soft or fluffy. Try luring yourself and indulging in acrylic, plastic, wood, steel and fibers that can easily be maintained.


  • Maintain clean surfaces. Adding bookshelves that are piled with magazines and books, not only add to your cost but also the dirt in the room. Get rid off all the things that add to suffocate tables and shelves. You could use only one center piece as a focal point on a single table and leave all the other areas empty.


  • Lighting is a key factor in a room. It not only emphasizes the room but also helps brighten it up in colors. There are many inexpensive options that are available with no installation charges involved. The varied colors of the lamp can offset the bore and monotony of the room.

Five Bedroom Design Ideas For 2014

The style for the year 2014 is very unique in terms of designs, styles and architecture. The trending color scheme or unique styles not only add a dramatic effect to your room but also change the whole atmosphere of the bedroom. Here are some tips:


Be bold:

Make your own statement and have fun. Adding a touch of your own personality can make the space look great. The more options you explore and the more you try, you will begin to understand what looks good and what does not. Unexpected elements always add a charisma that is totally unexpected. Things that are not expected always add drama and a wow factor to the space.

Bedroom Design 1

Personalizing the space:

This year it is not only about modernizing the space but also being creative. Guidelines are always helpful when you are starting off but soon you can go with the principles of creativity. A personal touch will make you comfortable and make you smile as well. Today’s modern life and the overly designed look do not work anymore. Even a haphazard pillow arrangement can make the room look edgy and stylish.


Letting in light:

However much you get modern the need of vitamin C for our skin can never be neglected. Sheer curtains are a good way to let in natural light that is rich in vitamin C. The heavy treatments can deprive the room with the essential amount of light and even make the room start to smell damp at times.


Utilizing space:

A big wall that is empty can make the room look very flat and blank. Make sure that if there are walls that are big, you cover them either with artwork or picture frames. A black and white frame is a good option as it gives the room a glamorous and sophisticated look to the bedroom. White is the classic color this season.


Layering with lights:

The addition of layer of light in the room can add intensity, and variety. A room that is evenly lit does not seem very appealing. Instead use different areas which you would like to highlight more than others. There can also be a secondary focal point that is dimmer than the first. You can also add friendly lighting with soft light. You can also use low lighting and table lamps for grabbing more attention.

Why You Should Consider EPDM Roofing

Roofs with lower slopes are more vulnerable to water damage than roofs with higher pitches. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing offers a waterproof surface, and when properly installed, these roofs can last for many years. EPDM rubber roofing materials stay flexible even in the coldest weather, and installation costs are low. Read on to learn more of the many benefits provided by EPDM roofing.

Why Choose EPDM?

Rubber materials make great roofs, and they can also be useful in applications such as ponds. EPDM will keep your roof dry, and it can keep a pond from leaking. Installations offer benefits such as:


  • Resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Protection from drastic temperature changes
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Resistance to wind uplift and hail damage (making it a great choice in storm-prone areas)
  • Fire resistance

One of the biggest advantages of rubber roofing installation is the number of application options. EPDM can be ballasted, fully adhered, or attached mechanically – meaning that it can be used almost anywhere. Whether you’re re-roofing a warehouse or putting in a garden pond, EDM provides a durable, waterproof option.

Be More Eco-Friendly with EPDM Roofing

Rubber roofing is environmentally friendly. It takes less energy to produce when compared to some other commonly used roofing materials, which reduces the strain on natural resources. This material lasts so long that there is no need for frequent replacement, and it is completely recyclable. When you get an EPDM roof, you may qualify for LEED credits as well. If you want to reduce your home or your business’ carbon footprint, EPDM can help you do it.

Choose Eagle Rivet as Your Rubber Roof Installer

Eagle Rivet is one of the country’s most experienced EPDM roof installers. We’ve installed roofs on thousands of commercial buildings and homes in America, and we only use the highest quality materials from companies such as Firestone, Johns Manville and Carlisle Syntec. We offer full installation, maintenance and repair services with excellent customer service. When you replace a roof on a commercial building, consider EPDM for its environmental and financial benefits.